The Shooting Industry Foundation Australia advocates in the interests of business in the Australian civil, defence and law enforcement markets.

As a peak industry body with material content knowledge in Firearms Management Systems, SIFA is an important contributor to practical and evidence-based policy making. Handling thousands of firearms transactions on behalf of governments every day, SIFA’s mechanical and digital expertise is critical to the development of appropriate 21st century solutions.

Our advocacy work is focused on the following objectives:

  • the development of sound policy on firearm ownership and use
  • the use of verifiable facts and data in drafting legislation and public information
  • the constant improvement of public safety and confidence
  • the ability to develop the commercial viability of our industry.

SIFA’s advocacy is a process of negotiating a dialogue through which influential networks, opinion leaders, and ultimately, decision makers take ownership of new ideas and evidence and act upon them to make improvements to contemporary Australian Firearms Management Systems.