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Bank Bans Bad for Business: SIFA Bites Back


NAB’s decision to remove services from Australian firearms businesses sets a dangerous precedent and should be reversed immediately.

It is the role of the nation’s law makers to set legislative standards that reflect Australian community values, not the banks. SIFA calls on Australia’s politicians to stand up for small business.

The Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia does take this potentially discriminatory behaviour most seriously and will be taking legal advice immediately to protect the business interests of Licensed Australian Firearms Dealers.

Our Industry has been the canary in the birdcage for legal Australian enterprise for over a quarter of a century and SIFA is sounding the alarm on Australian business freedom.

If a bank can de-platform my business, they can de-platform yours. Is that a risk Australians are prepared to wear?

Affected Australian businesses should immediately complain to your bank AND to your Federal Member of Parliament.

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