Battered by Your Bank? Write to Your MP

Battered by Your Bank? Write to Your MP

Australian Licensed Firearms Dealers are under attack from Australian banks who are removing business critical services from small businesses without justification. If you are a LFD and you’ve been targeted by your bank, write to your Federal Representative TODAY.

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Here’s an example letter, please copy and paste:

Dear <<MP Name>>,

I run a legal, registered, licensed and audited business and have received notice from my bank that they will no longer host my accounts.

I have not received a full explanation from my bank, but I have lodged a formal complaint using its customer complaints process.

I write to seek your support and guidance as I struggle to come to terms with the summary removal of this critical business service. My business will close if this decision is not reversed as it sets a dangerous precedent for other Australian banks to follow.

Australians think banks are pretty low after the Royal Commission. Now they’re treating respected and important business owners like criminals.

Please, help me stand up for what is right.

Yours faithfully,