Call for Shooter Unity

September 6 2017

The Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia has called for unity from our nation’s shooting community.

Now with more than one million licensed firearms owners, Executive Officer Rod Drew says the time has come for Australian shooters to celebrate and promote their good work.

“We share the same obligations and uphold the same values. There is a lot to bring us together as we work towards more effective regulations and better recognition of our role in the Australian social, economic, political and environmental landscape,” Mr Drew says.

As the peak body for the shooting industry in Australia, SIFA works with regulators, enforcement agencies, dealers, membership organizations, political representatives, media, clubs and individuals to advocate for facts and evidence based discussion around firearms in our country.

All Australians are invited to subscribe to the SIFA mailing list to stay informed about the independent research findings and policy recommendations promoted by SIFA.

“We support all Australian licensed shooters who stand up to represent the truth of our sport and industry,” Mr Drew says.

The Australian Shooting Industry contributes billions to the economy, supporting the employment of thousands of people in military and security forces, warehousing, retail, marketing, transport and logistics, tourism, retail, agriculture, environment and in many other industries.

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