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Commonwealth Firearms Information Booklet


DATE: 2021
AUTHOR: Department of Home Affairs


The Australian Government is committed to keeping Australia’s firearms laws among the strongest in the world.

The Commonwealth and all state and territory governments have agreed to a national approach to the regulation of firearms, through signing the National Firearms Agreement. The Commonwealth and states and territories work closely together to regulate firearms and maintain the safety of all Australians by ensuring that only those with a genuine reason and a genuine need can access a firearm.

I have commissioned this Commonwealth Firearms Information Booklet to raise awareness on how firearms are managed in Australia. The Booklet articulates an overarching Statement of Principles that guides Australia’s approach to the regulation of firearms. It also sets out the different roles and responsibilities of key government agencies and provides information on who to contact for further information.

The Australian Government will continue to work together with its state and territory counterparts and relevant stakeholders to ensure public safety and to deliver a consistent national approach to the efficient and effective management of firearms in Australia.

Jason Wood
Assistant Minister for Customs,
Community Safety and Multicultural Affairs

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