Firearms Policy Improvements Critical


Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia Executive Officer Rod Drew says the organisation stands up for improved government policy around sovereignty, security and safety.

“We will enter any room and work with any government with a view to developing firearms policy that upholds community standards,” Mr Drew says.

“The world has changed since the early days of the National Firearms Agreement and our communities deserve the thought leadership and expertise that will ensure quality government policy and appropriate resourcing to tackle issues of community safety,” he says.



Does SIFA want to water down Australia’s gun laws?

  • No. We believe that strict back ground checks, safety training courses and safe storage arrangements for licensed firearms are all very important parts of Australia’s gun laws which provide good community safety outcomes.

Why are you supporting Flick’Em in the Queensland Election?

  • We have been unable to get either major political party to commit to genuine evidence based decision making when it comes to licensed firearm management. They continually attack licensed firearm owners rather than criminals. Specifically, in the last 8 weeks we have seen:
    • The ALP and LNP vote together to block farmers access to handguns in Qld.
    • The ALP and LNP vote together to re-classify lever action shotguns including farmers snake guns in to restrictive categories.
    • The NSW Nationals launch a scare campaign targeting licensed firearm owners in the wake of overseas tragedies.

What does SIFA want?

  • A commitment by both parties to ensure every element of firearms regulation and legislation delivers a community safety benefit not just increased red tape for public servants to administer.
  • A commitment by both parties to take an evidence based approach to forming firearms policy.
  • A permanent Qld amnesty for the surrender or registration of unlicensed firearms.
  • QLD funding for the a digital LIVS solution which provides instant background checks for firearm purchases at the point of sale of the firearm, to replace the paper based process.
  • National funding to allow real time sharing of firearm and firearm license holder information between States.
  • A return to 100% screening of international mail and increased screening of other methods of import to capture illicit firearms imports. Based on Auditor General reports up to 300,000 prohibited items (including illicit drugs, firearms and firearm parts) are detected each year by Australia Post (only 30% of parcels are scanned). This means that there could be another 600,000 prohibited items entering the country undetected.
  • More frontline police resources to focus on disrupting the domestic manufacture and distribution of illicit firearms.
  • A reduction in red tape for licensed firearm owners who have completed all necessary background checks and safety courses, have certified safe storage facilities and have demonstrated genuine reason and need for the firearms they have.
  • Guaranteed access to Cat H firearms for farmers who have a firearms license.
  • A firearms categorisation system based on the function of a firearm not its appearance.

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