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Firearms Security Requires National Focus


The Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia (SIFA) today called for a national digital solution to replace the outdated, paper based tracking systems still relied upon to track firearms across Australian states.

The industry peak body says the lack of real time visibility and processing of firearms transactions is an ongoing threat to community safety, despite the requirement for states to develop an integrated solution by the 1996 National Firearms Agreement.

SIFA Executive Officer Rod Drew says the organisation’s recent calls for the establishment of a Federal Firearms Advisory Council came as a result of an audit of the National Firearms Agreement which revealed systemic procedural faults as well as opportunities to engage in meaningful activity to improve community safety.

“Our assessment shows that there is an industry appetite for modern systems and procedures to ensure the real time tracking of firearms, permits and licensing across state jurisdictions,” Mr Drew says.

“The fact is that a national, integrated digital system that shows in real time transactions relevant to firearms licensing, permitting and ownership is more than 20 years overdue,” he says.

SIFA has raised the issue at Federal level, with Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton briefed on the issue recently.

“SIFA works with governments to ensure that community standards of safety, security and sovereignty are upheld by quality policy and 21st century systems,” Mr Drew says.

“Paper has had it’s day. Now is the time for leadership and investment in genuine measures to enhance community safety through 21st century technology,” Mr Drew concludes.

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