GCA Call for Federal Seizure of State Powers

In an extraordinary move that would undermine more than a century of political stability and nationhood, Gun Control Australia today called for the Federal Government to “seize power” from Australian States and Territories.

GCA spokeswoman Sam Lee accused the state and territory jurisdictions of failing to protect their citizens, saying “…the states cannot be trusted to keep us safe.”

The Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia LTD works with governments at Federal and State levels and rejects absolutely the premise of Gun Control Australia’s unusual call.

“Australia is a Federation of States and we have this model to thank for political stability and social cohesion that is the envy of the world,” says SIFA’s Laura Patterson.

“We stand against any threat to the safety, security and sovereignty of the Australian nation – and particularly threats that come from secretive, special interests groups who have never revealed their funding sources or membership,” Mrs Patterson says.

SIFA is honest, open, accountable and accessible. Its membership, funding streams, political donations and advertising campaigns exceed mandated standards, comply with all laws and regulations and are a matter of public record.