GCA – Stop Frigging in the Rigging

GCA – Stop Frigging in the Rigging

Samantha Lee’s untrue accusations about the conduct of the Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia on ABC News 24 this evening will form the basis of a complaint on behalf of the peak body to the Australian Broadcaster.

Ms Lee was given a platform to discuss Australian firearms laws which she chose to use to promulgate misinformation about SIFA and to negatively influence the organisation’s hard won professional reputation.

SIFA’s Laura Patterson says it is extremely disappointing that the ABC has again de-platformed industry when critical discussions about Australian firearms laws are required in the wake of the Christchurch atrocity.

“SIFA represents the interests of business in the Australian defence, law enforcement and civilian markets.”

“Ms Lee’s superficial treatment of the complex regulatory environment is part of the problem,” Mrs Patterson says.

“Every time Samantha Lee fearmongers via uncritical media, Australia moves further away from open, comprehensive and world class firearms management systems,” she says.

“To be honest, the more Gun Control Australia are frigging in the rigging, the less likely our wonderful police and border personnel are ever to achieve the law enforcement holy grail: real time access to decision critical data,” she says.

“The Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia calls for an immediate and ongoing National Firearms Amnesty, formal industry to government engagement and a commitment from all states and territories to implement the national firearms interface promised to our communities in 1996 and 2017,” Mrs Patterson says.

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