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Gun Control Australia: Irresponsible and Reckless


Peak body the Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia has slammed Gun Control Australia for its irresponsible and reckless publications and commentary around Australian Firearms ownership and use.

SIFA’s Laura Patterson says Gun Control Australia’s recent behaviour  has undermined public confidence in the National Firearms Agreement and Australian states’ capacity to keep our communities safe.

“This fringe group has published firearms owners’ locations which practically does criminals’ casing work for them. This fringe group called for the Federal Government to seize power from the States in an attack on Australian Federation.  This fringe group has never revealed either the structure of its membership or its sources of funding. This fringe group represents a clear threat to Australian safety, security and sovereignty,” Patterson says.

“The reality is that Gun Control Australia knows nothing about guns, and next to nothing about Australian Firearms Laws. Their influence belies their capacity to argue logically and intelligently around firearms ownership and use and calls into question their genuine commitment to the preservation and protection of Australian freedoms,” Patterson says.

“Australians deserve Firearms regulations that uphold community standards of safety, security and sovereignty, and Gun Control Australia’s frequent, incoherent and damaging comments only inhibit defence, law enforcement and civilian efforts to work together to protect this wonderful country,” she says.


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