Has Government Got Control of Illegal Guns?

Has Government Got Control of Illegal Guns?

Criminal use of firearms across Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania this week have raised Australian gun control as an issue of critical importance in the upcoming Federal Election.

Senseless and needless loss of life and the hands of armed criminals has caused grief across the nation – and our elected representatives hold responsibility after decades of inaction when it comes to tackling Australia’s illegal gun trade.

“For two decades, our leaders have acted at the direction of a lobby that knows nothing about firearms and nothing about critical gaps in our governments’ firearms management systems,” says SIFA spokeswoman Laura Patterson.

“The fact is that politicians across all Australian jurisdictions have failed to mandate digital firearms management systems to enable tracking of firearms from point of import onward,” Ms Patterson says.

“It is a national disgrace that our communities are subject to criminal activities that result in any loss of precious life – and particularly where leadership, investment and expertise are so obviously lacking from what so many people think of as Australia’s world class laws,” she says.

“Until Federal and State leadership is shown, until an ongoing National Firearms Amnesty is implemented, until a 21st Century Firearms Interface replaces piles of paper and until politicians start listening to firearms experts, Australia can not claim to be taking illegal guns seriously,” she says.

“More laws to control people who do not break the law will never – ever – have any impact whatsoever on the criminal use of guns by those who do,” she says.

The Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia has written to the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition asking that immediate action be taken to address critical issue of criminal gun use across Australia.


Further Information/Interview: Laura Patterson Tel 0408 296 521