Howard Announces New National Gun Control Agreement?

Howard Announces New National Gun Control Agreement?

Ex-Prime Minister John Howard has today thrown fuel on the slow burn of improved Australian Firearms Management Systems by referring to a new National Gun Control Agreement in a video shared to NSW Liberal social media sites.

Coming with no consultation with experts with material content knowledge of Australia’s unique and complex regulatory frameworks, news of a new National Gun Control Agreement has startled industry, which is configured to operate according to firearms laws set by each Australian state and territory.

Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia Executive Officer Rod Drew says that any new regime must be developed with experts in the mechanics, operations, use and safe storage of firearms.

“We have called for the implementation of the Firearms Management Systems promised in the 1996 and 2017 National Firearms Agreements and which no Australian jurisdiction has yet achieved,” Mr Drew says.

“Any other focus on the configuration of Australian Firearms Management would be a betrayal of the trust Australians have put in their elected representatives to keep them safe,” he says.

“The wonderful women and men in Australian Law enforcement deserve to have real time access to decision critical data so that they can work to prevent sickening acts of violence in our communities,” Mr Drew says.

SIFA has called for NSW Liberals to clarify the comments of the former Prime Minister and provide confidence to the businesses that supply critical equipment to defence and law enforcement personnel and to the million Australian licensed firearms owners who participate in important cultural, sporting and professional shooting activities.



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