Knowledge is power… 

The commercial side of the Australian shooting industry lacks data, and unlike other Australian sectors, there has never been a consolidated attempt to gather valuable insights and statistics.  

When our industry is represented, our sector relies upon the 2019 report commissioned by Senator Bridget McKenzie. This report estimated the Australian shooting industry contributes $2.4 billion annually to our national GDP and creates around 19,500 local jobs. But apart from this this information (that is now almost 3 years old) what else do we know? 

Herein lies the problem… our industry doesn’t have access to any other up-to-date data, statistics or insights. 

As the professional industry body for the Australian shooting industry, SIFA sought to rectify this by launching a vital industry initiative on the 21st March 2022. 

Insight 2022 is an inaugural Australian shooting industry survey that will be run annually and is open to all licensed firearms dealers, importers, wholesalers and manufacturers. 

The aim of Insight 2022 is to collect vital data and statistics that will benchmark our industry.  

These analytics can then be used to:  

  • Assist businesses in our industry to grow and plan for the future. 
  • Highlight and demonstrate the importance of our industry.  
  • Develop industry specific products and services (ex. freight, insurance and banking products). 
  • Understand and identify current and emerging issues. 
  • Defend the industry from attacks and counter negative stereotypes. 

We understand that confidentiality and anonymity is a major concern when undertaking an initiative such as this, so to allay any fears and make this survey a further success, SIFA has contracted independent Australian market research partner SMR Global to oversee the survey process. 

SMR Global is a respected and longstanding market survey company, assisting industry peak bodies (including SIFA) and the business community with quality surveys over the past 35 years. SMR Global will use the services of Action Market Research, a specialist ISO-accredited survey hosting company, to collect the online survey responses under strict conditions of privacy. 

The success of this initiative relies on getting as many responses as possible, we are grateful for all those businesses in the Australian shooting industry that took part. 

If you have any questions regarding the survey, please email: