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National Cabinet Risks Firearms Security


“Closures of Licensed Firearms Businesses will result in stockpiles of firearms and ammunition at unsecured sites and the decimation of 22 thousand jobs.”

“Declare Licensed Firearms Dealers an essential service or risk the safety and security of the Australian nation.”


In profoundly shocking circumstances, some jurisdictions have forced the closure of Licensed Firearms Businesses, breaking the bonds of the National Firearms Agreement implemented in 1996 led by Prime Minister John Howard.

Not only should we brace for mass bankruptcies of Licensed Firearms Business valued at $6.2 billion, we should also brace for the mismanagement of firearms and ammunition already in circulation.

A key pillar of John Howard’s gun laws is that every single firearm in the nation must be registered through a Licensed Firearms Business. It can only be assumed that Police Services in each State and Territory that forces Licensed Firearms Business closures will be responsible for the physical management of firearms at the front counter in their stations for the first time in 24 years.

Licensed Firearms Business staff are being sacked as we speak and business owners are lining up for benefits. Who can afford the massive redeployment of Police resources required to fill the gaps?

The National Cabinet should immediately recognise Licensed Firearms Businesses as essential to head off the terrible effects of poorly crafted decision making.


Further Information: James Walsh, Executive Officer 0419 933 066

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