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NSW Firearms Amnesty A Success


The Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia today congratulated the NSW Government on the success of its Firearms Amnesty.

Executive Officer Rod Drew said the Amnesty which saw more than 8300 firearms handed in is a positive move.

“The success of this Amnesty, with so many firearms surrendered, will add to the community’s sense of safety and security,” Mr Drew said.

He said SIFA would go further, supporting a national, ongoing, Firearms Amnesty.

“NSW has led the way on this but what we need is a co-ordinated national approach.

“Obviously, many of the guns handed into NSW Police would not have been registered and needed to be taken out of circulation.

“Numbers, nationally, would be huge and it is important that all residents have the chance to take advantage of an amnesty to surrender firearms,” Mr Drew said.

“SIFA recognises that communities have safety concerns about unlicensed or unwanted guns and that is why SIFA has developed an innovative behavioural awareness training program to improve community safety.

“This training, about to be launched, will provide a direct mechanism between law enforcement and Licenced Firearms Dealers and it is working well.

“Licenced Firearms Dealers in NSW made an important contribution to the NSW Amnesty and I want to particularly, recognise this,” Mr Drew said.

“It demonstrates yet again their ongoing commitment to uphold community standards on safety and security,” he said.

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