One Nation Gets Nothing from SIFA

One Nation Gets Nothing from SIFA

The following statements can be attributed to Laura Patterson, Research and Engagement, Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia. Tel: 0408 296 521

“SIFA has never given One Nation a single cent.”

“If a political party would betray our country on firearms management,  Australians can tell them what they think at the ballot box.”

“SIFA has no ties – none – and no contact with any international groups that would seek to interfere in Australian democracy. We have always spoken and acted in support of Australian safety, security and sovereignty.”

“Australian Industry, Law Enforcement and government agencies have spent two decades in careful, considered conversation about Australian Firearms Management. We must not reverse into purpose based on the Al Jazeera investigation into Pauline Hanson’s One Nation when so much has already been done to protect community safety.”

“SIFA calls for states, territories, and the commonwealth of Australia to act with urgency to introduce the National Firearms Interface promised to the Australian people via the National Firearms Agreement in 1996 and in 2017.”

“SIFA is funded solely by entities incorporated in Australia and SIFA represents the interests of those businesses in defence, law enforcement and civilian markets. SIFA is committed to working within Australia’s unique and complex regulatory environment.”