Poor Firearms Policy Costs Elections

Poor Firearms Policy Costs Elections

Queensland Labor have again missed the mark, pushing ahead with highly restrictive firearms regulations that do not uphold community standards of sovereignty, safety and security, according to the Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia (SIFA).

“Queensland is the first state to face an election since the National Firearms Agreement at COAG earlier this year,” says SIFA’s Laura Patterson.

“This is the best chance Queensland politicians have to listen and act in accordance with community attitudes, and Queensland Labor are blowing theirs by ignoring the facts,” she says.

Independent research shows that Queenslanders desire practical, pragmatic policy from political parties and that 12% of voters will change their ballot away from candidates who employ poorly researched and sloppily designed tactics around firearms.

SIFA is the peak body representing one of Australia’s oldest and most trusted industries.

“We have earned and uphold our reputation because we continuously evolve to meet community standards. It’s time Queensland Labor did the same,” Mrs Patterson says.