QLD By Election Bellwether

QLD By Election Bellwether

SIFA’s Head of Communications and Research Laura Patterson says the March 28 By Elections are a bellwether for the political class leading into Queensland’s State Election later this year.

“Like us, I’m sure every candidate in the upcoming state election is taking notice of voter behaviour this weekend and, like us, will dissect the results to find out how they can get an edge in October,” Patterson says.

“It is our fervent hope that politicians are listening to all of their constituents – not just the rowdy ones – and preparing their policies accordingly,” she says.

The Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia supports a new deal for Queensland shooters which includes a 21st century firearms management system, access to hearing protection equipment and an ongoing national firearms amnesty.

Laura Patterson says it’s past time that practical measures be introduced to manage firearms transfers, to mitigate occupational risk and to remove illegal firearms from the community.

“All across Australia, people are calling on their governments to take simple, practical steps to improve service delivery to tax-payers, to create safer working environments and to get guns away from criminals,” Patterson says.

“Queensland shooters deserve a new deal from government: a digital firearms registry, permits for the use of sound moderators on land and shooting ranges and an effective amnesty that leverages the skill and expertise of Licensed Queensland Firearms Dealers,” she says.

Queensland shooters number in the hundreds of thousands and undertake sporting, recreational and ethical harvest activities with an economic benefit to the Queensland bottom line of $377 million every year, contributing to $6.2 billion and 22 thousand jobs Australia-wide.

Patterson says research shows how Queensland shooters are becoming increasingly political while their contributions in economic, conservation, food and fibre protection and international sporting achievement are consistently overlooked.

“Shooters are not second-class citizens and we deserve a better deal from the Queensland government,” she says.

“Shooters deserve a licensing and permitting team that offers its customers real time, efficient and accurate services. Workers on the land and on ranges deserve access to hearing protection equipment. The whole community wants to get illegal guns out of Queensland and an ongoing Firearms Amnesty is key to that process,” Patterson says.

“The Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia calls on Queensland’s important licensed shooting community to take the stand at the upcoming election and vote for candidates who commit to a new deal for Queensland shooters,” she says.


Further Information: Laura Patterson, Communications and Research, Tel 0408 296 521