QLD Jobs Loss: Irrational and Bizarre

QLD Jobs Loss: Irrational and Bizarre

Firearms Industry Chiefs have labelled the Queensland Government’s decision to maintain trade restrictions on its Licensed Firearms Dealers irrational and bizarre.

Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia Executive Officer Rod Drew says firearms businesses continue to suffer punitive trade restrictions even while other business has been relieved and that all other states and territories have lifted all similar measures.

“We really cannot understand what the Queensland Government is thinking. Thousands of jobs are linked to the $377 million recreational shooting economy in that state and it is appalling that these jobs are being cast aside on a whim,” Mr Drew says.

“The government has made no business case or advanced any rationale for the implementation or maintenance of these job costing trade restrictions. It is wrong and offensive to suggest that Licensed Firearms Dealers contribute any negative impact on public health at any time and specifically during COVID-19,” he says.

Laura Patterson, SIFA Communication and Research, says years of independent reports demonstrate strong public support for Licensed Firearms ownership and use.

“There are over two hundred thousand Licensed Firearms Owners in Queensland and they can only buy their essential equipment from Licensed Firearms Dealers once that approval has been granted by Queensland Police. It’s a system that Queenslanders believe has worked well for over a quarter of a century,” she says.

“Today, as Australians are reeling over the size of the job losses because of COVID-19, Queensland firearms businesses are quite fairly questioning the logic of the Queensland Government,” Patterson says.

The Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia requests that Queensland’s Licensed Firearms Dealers be restored to their rightful position of trust in Queensland’s Firearms Management systems.



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