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QLD Move Defies NFA Logic


Australian media reports today that the Queensland Government will introduce a bill to change the classification of a single firearm, in a move that goes against the logic of the National Firearms Agreement.

Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia’s Laura Patterson says the classification change makes no sense, increases red tape and will not improve community safety and security.

“Changing the classification of one firearm does not represent the practical, pragmatic firearms policies Queenslanders desire,” Mrs Patterson says.

“Independent research shows that Labor is looking at a significant negative swing if it continues the swagger and ignores the facts on firearms policy,” she says.

Queensland is the first state to face an election after signing the 2017 National Firearms Agreement. Polling shows a potential 20% swing away from Labor in key seats like Mundingburra, Thuringowa and Townsville.

A dismissal motion is expected to greet the government’s bill when it is tabled, with the Liberal National Party, Katter’s Australia Party and One Nation having already stated their opposition to ongoing focus on legal firearms ownership and use.

“84% want government to allocate resources to criminal and illegal activity, not to waste time and money on further micro-management of Australia’s most heavily vetted Licensed population,” Mrs Patterson says.

“The Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia (SIFA) represents the interests of one of Australia’s oldest and most respected industries. We have earned and uphold this reputation because we continually evolve to meet community standards of safety, sovereignty and security,” she says.

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