Review of the Firearms Act 1973 (WA)


DATE: October 2016
AUTHOR: Law Reform Commission of Western Australia

Terms of Reference

On 24 February 2014 the Attorney General requested that the Commission report on the Firearms Act. In particular, the Commission was asked to:

  1. provide advice on and recommend appropriate legislative and/or procedural changes with regard to the licensing and storage of firearms, definitions and categorisation of firearms, and effects of changes in firearm technology incorporating national initiatives where appropriate.
  2. provide advice on and recommend appropriate legislative changes regarding penalties for firearm offences and, in so doing, consider consistency with penalties in other Australian states and territories.
  3. review any relevant issues arising from the recent ‘Operation Unification’, the Auditor General’s Reports on firearms licensing, Joint Standing Committee on Delegated Legislation Report 68, Explanatory Report in relation to the Firearms Amendment Regulations 2013 and any other relevant Parliamentary Inquiry.
  4. provide advice on any other relevant matters.

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