SIFA: Australia’s Firearms Experts


The Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia was launched in 2014 to represent the interests of Australian business in defence, law enforcement and civilian markets.

In the last two years, we have ramped up our public profile, building our communications channels and delivery platforms, undertaking a significant amount of research, entertaining and testing new ideas and building the confidence to move on from the old.

Our work has led us to participate in elections in three states – and most recently in the Federal Election where we asked all parties to commit to an ongoing National Firearms Amnesty, the introduction of a 21st century firearms management interface, and the opportunity for Australian firearms experts to help make Australia even safer.

We have learned a great deal from our first five years and look forward with a renewed sense of purpose, decision critical knowledge and a broader community understanding of who we are and what we stand for.

The Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia are Australia’s Firearms Experts.

We understand firearms and firearms users, we understand the systems and processes used to manage them, we understand how these MUST be improved if Australia is to keep its promise to its people – a promise that stretches back more than a hundred years to the Federation of our sovereign states.

Our industry has played a central role in the safety, security and sovereignty of this nation, and we have never advocated for law changes that would undermine the stability and confidence of our communities.

The Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia is open, accountable and accessible – because going forward our research shows Australians are sick of the spin.

It is my role in Communications and Research to answer your questions and requests so that you have access to genuine Australian Firearms Expertise…

Because Australians deserve the very best from us.

Further Information: James Walsh, Executive Officer 0419 933 066

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