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SIFA Calls for Permanent National Firearms Amnesty


Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia Executive Officer Rod Drew today recognised the leadership of the New South Wales Government in announcing its 2018 Firearms Amnesty.

“SIFA congratulates the NSW government on its decision to hold a 90 day amnesty, starting July 1,” Mr Drew says.

“SIFA has always said that amnesty is an important piece in law enforcement’s work and we call for all states to commit to an ongoing, national amnesty based on the Queensland model,” he says.

“An ongoing National Firearms Amnesty would enable and empower individuals to relinquish firearms to Licensed Firearms Dealers with no questions asked. In circumstances where individuals or families are experiencing turmoil, an ongoing Amnesty would provide a mechanism for the temporary or permanent removal of firearms,” he says.

Australia deserves measured, evidence-backed regulatory frameworks that preserve their safety and security. SIFA has consistently called on Federal and State governments to leverage our industry skill, knowledge and expertise to craft quality policy, and to continue to improve community safety outcomes.

“Industry calls for a permanent National Amnesty have been met with inaction for many years and have been expressly opposed by groups like Gun Control Australia. Enough is enough, Australians deserve better,” Mr Drew says.

SIFA takes extremely seriously its responsibilities in firearms research, advocacy, education and safety promotion and calls for leadership from the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) to support the National Firearms Agreement 1996 by enacting a permanent, ongoing National Firearms Amnesty.


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