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SIFA facilitates Department of Home Affairs / Australian shooting industry forum.


Over the last 2 years, SIFA has been actively pursuing better industry representation and consultation with our federal industry regulators, the Department of Home Affairs. We are pleased to report that our calls have been listened to.

Yesterday, SIFA facilitated the inaugural Department of Home Affairs / Australian shooting industry forum in Canberra.

This event provided an opportunity for leading industry figures from SIFA’s membership to engage directly with those responsible for setting federal firearms policy.

Views were exchanged on a range of topics from the principles of better practice regulation through to specific issues relating to Border Force clearance times, issues at the border with individual consignments, and many things in between.

The forum also gave the firearms team from DHA the opportunity to discuss wider initiatives to enhance the processing and compliance of firearm and ammunition importation permits, with shooting industry participants on hand to provide valuable consultation.

Feedback from all sides indicated the event was a big step towards better supporting our essential Australian industry, with participants gaining a better understanding of how the Industry, the Department and the Australian Border Force go about their respective roles.

These open consultation opportunities are key to ensuring we have government and departmental engagement for the Australian shooting industry and will also greatly assist SIFA as we look to develop strategies that will seek efficiencies with, and modernise the border process for our industry.

Given the success of the inaugural meeting, DHA have asked to hold these events on a 6 monthly basis.

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