SIFA Flags Mail Security Threat

SIFA Flags Mail Security Threat

Shooting Industry Foundation Australia Executive Officer Rod Drew says Border Force is not resourced to screen incoming mail, a gap which threatens national security.

Terrorists and criminals are using mail to import prohibited items and components from overseas and these are being used in criminal activities,” Mr Drew says.

“It is time the government took a stand to protect the Australian community by funding Border Force to increase the number of packages scanned and reduce the frequency of criminal importation of dangerous items,” he says.

It was reported Friday last that suspects arrested in the terrorism raids in Sydney imported bomb-making components through the mail.

The government is failing to resource Border Force to screen mail, with just 25% of consignments screened by only 152 staff spread across the four gateway locations of Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.
At each location, an average of 38 staff conducts around 31 500 screening activities per day.
94 520 are waved through, unchecked, at each location, each day.
Mr Drew calls on the federal government to fund the solution to this unprecedented security threat.
“Australian community standards of safety and security are not being upheld by our government because of its failure to name the problem and fund the solution. Give Border Force the resources it needs to scan incoming mail items most effectively,” Mr Drew says.
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