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SIFA has written to Australian banks


The Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia’s head of Communications and Research says Australian financial services providers are creating a business bloodbath with woke corporate activism that unwittingly attacks the fabric of Australia’s unique and world-class firearms management systems.

“Australia has a carefully crafted firearms management ecosystem that is the envy of the world. Banks are running roughshod through that environment, putting us all at risk by breaking the links that encircle and contain criminal firearms behaviour in our communities,” says Laura Patterson.

“We’re certain this isn’t the banks’ intention, however the fact remains that if they will not provide basic financial services to Australia’s heavily vetted Licensed Firearms Dealers, they are responsible for an irrevocable weakening of the firearms management space on the Australian continent,” she says.

Banks’ recent disrespectful attitude to their own account holders calls into question their commitment to customer centricity and critically undermines the integrity of legislative, regulatory, licensing and law enforcement firearms management systems specifically designed to protect Australians and to uphold community standards of safety, security and sovereignty.

“It is our hope that with open and clear communication between us, SIFA might be able to inform Australian financial services providers about the extremely strict rules that govern Licensed Firearms Dealers as they perform their central role of managing firearms transactions on behalf of government and law enforcement across all Australian jurisdictions,” Patterson says.

“If Licensed Firearms Dealers are removed from the systems that encircle and contain criminal firearms use – including CTF and AML – Australia’s world class, integrated firearms management structures will be weakened forever,” she says.

SIFA has written to Australian banks, asking the following questions:

  1. Which legislative and regulatory obligations were factored into your organisation’s decision making?
  2. What are the risk considerations that factored into your decision making?
  3. Can you articulate your organisation’s role in ensuring the integrity of Australia’s world class and much lauded Firearms Management Systems?
  4. Can you describe criteria used to identify your affected customers?
  5. Will you provide a clearly articulated list of those criteria to SIFA?
  6. How does your organisation reconcile its position on Licensed Firearms Dealers with its position on Environmental Social Governance?
  7. Will you halt the summary closure of  your customers’ accounts and meet with the Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia to identify the common ground we share in ensuring the integrity of Australian Firearms Management Systems?

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