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SIFA launches Australian shooting industry first job centre


Finding qualified and passionate staff for any business is a struggle at the best of times.

In speaking with Australian shooting industry businesses, SIFA is often told of a distinct lack of success in attracting candidates who are passionate about our industry when advertising available employment opportunities on traditional job platforms.

As with all professional industries, the call for talent requires a proper targeted approach. Our industry also needs to be seen as a viable prospect for job seekers and businesses need a way to promote opportunities within our sector to those with appropriate skills who may be passively looking to break into our industry.

For our industry to continue to grow and for employment to be bolstered after the ramifications that COVID-19 posed on employment nationwide, SIFA realised that there was a need to develop an industry-wide program to assist businesses overcome current hiring stresses.

Part one in our plan was to develop a dedicated Australian shooting industry jobs centre, and as a result SIFA Jobs – Australia’s shooting industry job centre has now launched.

The aim of this platform is to be a dedicated employment resource for all Australian shooting industry businesses and to have all available job opportunities within our industry on one user friendly platform. This also allows those who may be passively seeking a career in our industry to see all available vacancies in the one place.

SIFA Job Centre is a free platform for all businesses within the Australian shooting industry. It has specifically been designed to make it easy for businesses to advertise and promote their employment opportunities and facilitate engagement with talent using the built in recruitment tools.

SIFA is in the process of developing additional applications and tools that will bolt onto this resource, aimed at further assisting both businesses and job seekers which will be rolled out in due course.

Our goal is to make SIFA Jobs, the go-to employment resource for the entire Australian shooting industry. If you are a business looking to hire staff or someone wanting to work in our unique Australian industry, head to

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