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SIFA Requests Recall of Firearms Forum


The Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia (SIFA) today renewed its call to the Federal Liberal Government to convene an urgent meeting of the Firearms Industry Reference Group (FIRG).

SIFA has written to the Senator Reynolds, Assistant Minster for Home Affairs to highlight critical technical systems improvements required to ensure the efficacy of Australia’s feted National Firearms Agreement and reliability of supply to Australian soldiers, aviators, sailors and law enforcement personnel.

The Firearms Industry Reference Group was first convened more than two decades ago so that industry and government could work together to ensure the ongoing improvement of NFA standards and systems over time. The FIRG attracted bi-partisan support and delivered precision expertise in a forum designed to improve the operation of the National Firearms Agreement.

SIFA Executive Officer Rod Drew says the Commonwealth Government should convene the FIRG urgently so that industry can again contribute skills, knowledge and expertise through formalised engagement.

“Every Federal Government regardless of political persuasion has had an expert committee advising on firearm policy since the introduction of the National Firearms Agreement in 1996 and the inclusion of Federal Government personnel from responsible agencies has been the practice for the past two decades,” Mr Drew says.

“The Australian community expects its government to uphold standards for safety and security and SIFA would certainly welcome Minister Reynolds leadership in this regard,” he says.


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