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SIFA to poll the industry on the denial of essential business services.


Recently, SIFA has fielded a larger than usual number of complaints from businesses who have been having issues in securing banking and insurance products.

As a result, the Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia is taking a proactive step to address the challenges facing our industry from institutions who deny us essential business services.

In order to accurately assess the situation, SIFA will be conducting a comprehensive poll to measure the depth of the problems faced by businesses and to seek an understanding of what is required to remediate the situation.

SIFA will use the data obtained from the survey to provide the necessary evidence to enable us to engage with policymakers, financial institutions, and service providers, to ensure fair treatment and equal access to these services.

The success of this initiative relies heavily on the active participation by all business stakeholders, so we strongly urge everyone to participate.

By taking a few minutes to complete the survey, you will be making a significant contribution to the future of the shooting industry in Australia.

The survey will be sent out to our industry contacts next Wednesday 22nd May.

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