SIFA Welcomes Federal Forum

SIFA Welcomes Federal Forum

The Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia welcomes the re-launch of the Federal Parliamentary Friends of Gun Control today, after it was previously announced in November 2016.

SIFA has hailed the forum as a step in the right direction for formal industry to government engagement.

The purpose of this group is to provide a forum for Members and Senators to meet and interact with experts and advocates on the effects of gun control measures.

Executive Officer Rod Drew says the forum could benefit from the knowledge and networks of Australia’s most reputable firearms experts, who would welcome the opportunity to inform Members and Senators’ understanding of the National Firearms Agreement.

“SIFA is a peak body representing the interests of business in Australia’s multi-billion dollar defence, law enforcement and civilian markets, however our true value to the Parliamentary Friends of Gun Control is in our daily experience of working within Australia’s regulatory and compliance frameworks,” Mr Drew says.

“Working with Australian Border Force and the Australian Federal Police as well as law enforcement in every jurisdiction across this country, SIFA holds significant thought and practise capital and is always willing to share what we know,” he says.

The Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia was established in 2015 and its members are five of our nation’s most respected manufacturing, import and export businesses. SIFA works in research, advocacy, education and demonstrates the firearms industry’s role in the preservation of Australian safety, security and sovereignty.

Laura Patterson, SIFA Research and Communications, says industry was very quick to adopt the systems and processes required to comply with the National Firearms Agreement and consistently advocates for technical improvements required to ensure law enforcement systems can keep up.

“Our industry is in constant communication with government and law enforcement via daily transactions required by the NFA. The Parliamentary Friends of Gun Control is a further channel through which our people can communicate important information to Members and Senators about the health of the NFA and its contribution to the ongoing safety and security of our communities,” Mrs Patterson says.

“We are entering a new era of engagement, where the voices of everyday people can be heard and where elected representatives can demonstrate just how much they value the experience and knowledge of experts in firearms,” she says.


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