SkyNews Apologises

SkyNews Apologises

[Updated – LP 6:20pmAEST 31/01/2020]

Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia spokeswoman Laura Patterson has accepted an apology offered by SkyNews this afternoon for offensive comments it broadcast earlier this week.

SIFA recognises that SkyNews has acted quickly and effectively to address the remarks and to express understanding of and remorse for their impact on the Australian shooting community.

“SkyNews did the right thing. Owned the responsibility, removed the offensive content, counselled those involved and issued a genuine apology. SIFA looks forward to a future in which the casual vilification of Australian shooters is the exception in Australian Mainstream Media,” she says.


[edited: originally this article argued that such commentary should be “de-platformed”; this has  been changed to “removed” – LP 6:01pmAEST][edited: transcript removed – LP 6:19pmAEST 31/01/2020]

The Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia condemns absolutely today’s comments on AM Agenda (SkyNews).

SIFA Communication and Research’s Laura Patterson says such commentary should be immediately removed and an admission made that the segment breached ACMA broadcast standards.

“These comments take the casual vilification of Australian shooters to a whole new and dangerous level,” Ms Patterson says.

“They are unprecedented in their abuse and it is absolutely disgusting that these comments should be made at all let alone on a once-respected platform. Australian shooters will turn off SkyNews in their millions after hearing this frankly idiotic drivel.”

“SkyNews should be ashamed of themselves for platforming this vile commentary and should immediately apologise directly to Minister McKenzie and to all Australian shooters who simply do not deserve this kind of revolting treatment,” she says.




Laura Patterson, SIFA Communications and Research Tel: 0408296521