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Support those who support the Australian shooting industry. Look for the orange tag!


The Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia (SIFA) exists to promote, develop, and represent the Australian shooting industry. 

SIFA is funded by its Patron members; Beretta Australia, Nioa and Winchester Australia, who are Australia’s largest importers and wholesale distributors of firearms and related products.  

SIFA members are committed to fostering the Australian shooting industry through a shared vision. They have invested heavily in SIFA to fight for the industry so that Australians have access to the tools necessary for their businesses, employment or so they can take part in their recreational sporting and hunting pursuits.  

A percentage of all product sales by a SIFA Patron member goes directly back to the industry in funding for SIFA, to ensure that the Australian shooting industry is represented and defended right across Australia. 

Over the coming weeks, blaze orange tags will start to appear on firearms in gun racks at local gun shops. These tags will clearly identify the brands that are distributed by SIFA Patron members.  

By purchasing a firearm that proudly displays a SIFA tag, you are contributing to the future of the Australian shooting industry and ensuring its prosperity whilst also supporting those who support your ability to own and use firearms. 

Help us help you! SIFA has some exciting plans this year that will see us grow and better defend the Australian shooting industry. The more support that SIFA members receive, the bigger and better we can become.  

We are all in this together! 

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