Thank you to Australian Licensed Firearms Owners and Dealers

Thank you to Australian Licensed Firearms Owners and Dealers


Hi I’m Laura Patterson from the Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia. We represent the interests of business in the Australian defence, law enforcement and especially civilian markets and we have a message for all Australian Licensed Firearms Owners and Dealers.

“Thank You.”

Thank you for providing essential services and equipment to Primary Producers, On-Farm Workers, Professional Shooters, Rangers, Parks Officers, and Wildlife Rescuers. Thank you for showing up at your shops, practising social distancing and looking after your staff. Thank you for your patience and persistence when the precision of some of the state’s lockdown measures might have been improved.

Thank you for holding steady, counselling your customers and working with law enforcement to Owners and Dealers are among the most trustworthy people in our nation.

And soon, when the uplift comes, we’ll be back to being Australia’s happiest and healthiest people. We will recreate our communities. We will recreate our competitions. We will recreate our ethical harvest. We will continue our essential services. We will survive.

And, eventually, we will thrive, because although the road ahead is long, we’ll never give up.