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The Cost of Gun Control for Licenced Firearms Dealers in Australia General Report


DATE: 31 September 2019
AUTHOR: Dr Suzanna Fay, Emma Belgrove, Kathleen De Rooy The School of Social Science, The University of Queensland

Executive Summary

This report presents the findings from a study into the perceptions and experiences of Firearms Dealers across Australia. Using a qualitative methodology comprised of in-depth interviews, this study aimed to:

  • understand and explore how gun dealers perceive the current firearms regulations as they stem from the National Firearms Agreement (NFA)
  • understand the role that gun dealers have in the process of compliance with the implementation of the NFA as retailers
  • understand how firearms dealers experience and work with police in the process of maintaining compliance with the NFA
  • understand the financial and social costs to them and their businesses as a result of firearms regulations and changes to regulations

Drawing on advertised lists of gun dealer businesses across Australian from online directories and a list of dealers supplied by Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (SSAA) we identified respondents for the study if they:

  • were listed as a licenced firearms dealer in an online public directory
  • were listed as an ammunitions dealer in an online public directory
  • were listed as a collector or antique arms dealer in an online public directory
  • were recommended as a potential study participant from an industry representative (such as SSAA) or other firearms dealer

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