Trades Hall Victoria Shoots Labor In Foot

Trades Hall Victoria Shoots Labor In Foot

The Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia says an advertisement published by Trades Hall Victoria contains disinformation and will be referred to the Australian Electoral Commission.

The advertisement, which claims a Victorian politician is receiving donations from the peak industry body, is now running online.

SIFA Executive Officer Rod Drew says the advertisement is both misleading and counterproductive.

“SIFA is contributing exactly zero dollars to any party, politician or campaign during the federal election. To say otherwise is a lie,” Mr Drew says.

“Further, a great many shooters are also union members and Labor voters, so for Trades Hall to involve itself in fear mongering and muckraking over something as important as the safety of Australian working families is frankly upsetting,” he says.

“It’s beyond comprehension that any entity that claims to represent the interests of its people and communities would stand in the way of firearms management reform that’s over a quarter of a century overdue,” Mr Drew says.

The Shooting Industry foundation of Australia has trialled a range of methods to raise awareness of critical risks to Australian community safety since its inception in 2014.

These include political donations, advocacy work, research, education, safety promotion, advertising and marketing projects and media relations. The body announced in September 2018 that after the Victorian election of November 2018 it would cease making political and campaign donations.

SIFA Communications and Research’s Laura Patterson says Australians deserve better quality conversations around Gun Reform.

“The narrative goes that we have the world’s best, harmonised gun laws and that these should not be touched under any circumstances,” Mrs Patterson says.

“The truth is we have at least 10 different jurisdictions which make their own firearms laws and none – none – of these jurisdictions have access to a national firearms management system despite promises by Labor and Liberal National governments since all the way back to 1996,” she says.


Further Information / Interview: Laura Patterson Tel 0408 296 521