Founded in 2014, The Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia (SIFA) is the peak body that represents the Australian shooting industry. Since our inception, SIFA has worked in advocacy, research, education and safety promotion to inform the public, regulators and politicians about the vital role our industry plays in Australia.

At the core, SIFA’s main role is to promote, develop and represent the interests of a vital Australian industry that adds significant value to the Australian economy. In 2019 alone, it was estimated that the gross contribution of the Australian shooting industry to GDP was $2.4 billion and supported some 19,500 full time jobs.

We are a true partner to all industry stakeholders including the government and various regulatory bodies. We look for sensible outcomes and opportunities so the entire Australian shooting industry can continue to prosper and develop as a crucial part of Australia’s trade and business landscape.

SIFA takes its role as an industry peak body extremely seriously. We understand the need for sensible industry regulation whilst upholding public safety. We function to ensure that law abiding Australian firearms businesses can start-up, grow and operate with minimal regulatory interference whilst ensuring that law makers focus on developing real solutions to keep firearms out of the wrong hands.