About SIFA

The Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia is the peak body representing the interests of Australian business in civil, defence and law enforcement markets.

We import and distribute specialist equipment and accessories for soldiers, sailors, aviators, rangers, police, corrections, security, professional pest controllers, ethical harvesters and sporting shooters – subject to extremely strict licensing, permitting and records management controls.

SIFA was formed in 2014 to represent more effectively the social, cultural, economic and environmental impact of the many thousands of Australians who work in the industry, the tens of thousands who use our equipment to protect our communities and food and fibre production – and of our country’s million licensed firearms owners.

The Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia is committed to working within Australia’s extremely complex regulatory environments and has never advocated for the watering down of firearms laws.

SIFA calls for:

  1. An ongoing, National Firearms Amnesty to get illegal guns out of our communities;
  2. A National Firearms Management Interface that gives police real time access to firearms data;
  3. The recall of the 2 decades’ proven Firearms Industry Reference Group that gives government access to material content knowledge around firearms mechanics, operation and use.

Welcome to SIFA.