James Walsh

Executive Officer

James Walsh bears a significant passion for making a difference within the Australian firearms industry. His more than 10 years’ experience in various leadership positions within the industry, has led him to develop an intimate knowledge of the complex regulatory framework of Australian firearms laws and policy.

James’ experience with political engagement, lobbying and advocacy perfectly places him to proactively represent the interests of the Australian firearms industry.


David Voss , BMgt, PMP

Policy and Research

David enjoyed a successful career in ICT program management and service delivery into Government before joining the team at SIFA.

David has been a lifelong firearms owner and has developed an extensive understanding of the Australian firearms context as Chairman of the Australian Deer Association and through his appointments to the NSW Game and Pest Management Advisory Board and the ACT Firearms Advisory Committee.

Shelley Gough

Executive Assistant

Shelley Gough’s peerless administrative skill is informed by her excellent knowledge of Australian membership, government and non profit bodies.