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SIFA to poll shooting industry on regulator performance.


Following our regulator performance survey conducted in February 2023, SIFA will again seek to quantify the performance of our state and territory regulators in February 2024. 

The data collected in this year’s survey will be compared to previous data to seek out trends and identify issues that need to be addressed. This will then be publicised by SIFA. 

The information we collect will assist us is making representations to the various regulatory bodies and assist us with: 

  • individual state and territory advocacy.   
  • holding our regulators to account on their service levels.  
  • demonstrating good/poor performance.   
  • Identifying any customer service trends in relation to overall industry success and public safety.  

The survey is a brief, 6 question (2 minute) poll that will assess performance around permit and licensing delays, communication and customer service.  

This survey will be wholly managed by SIFA and your details and data will be kept 100% confidential. To maximise the efficacy of the data collected,SIFA will be sending the survey using a unique and encrypted link sent to each individual dealer that we have on file.  

Our survey will be sent out on Monday February 26th, so keep an eye on your email. If you believe that we do not have your details, please contact us via  

We strongly encourage everyone to take part and ensure that our industry has the data we need to hold our regulators to account.  

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