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Who will fix the NSW Firearms Registry?


The Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia has called for immediate action to address critical failures in process and procedure at the NSW Firearms Registry.

The NSW Audit Office Report was released on February 28 and shows that despite signing up to the 1996 National Firearms Agreement, New South Wales has not developed the baseline technical capability required to meet its obligations for a National Firearms Management system.

SIFA Executive Officer Rod Drew says the Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia is committed to working within the regulatory environments of each state and territory and that a national interface is more than two decades overdue.

“The NFA clearly states that jurisdictions agree to nationwide registration of all firearms and to the storage of registrations on a system which is able to share information with the national hub,” Mr Drew says.

“In 2019, no Australian state or territory is positioned to share decision critical, real time data with other jurisdictions,” he says.

“SIFA calls for immediate action to fix the NSW firearms registry in line with the expectations of the National Firearms Agreement and in order to uphold community standards of safety and security,” he says.


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