Firearms Peak Body Focuses on Federal Election


The Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia has set its Federal Election Agenda, citing three future focused initiatives to drive firearms management into the 21st century.

  1. Ongoing National Firearms Amnesty

An ongoing national firearms amnesty based on the Queensland model would provide a proven mechanism for illegal firearms to be removed from the black market, empowering individuals to relinquish illegal firearms to Licensed Firearms Dealers.

  1. National Firearms Management Interface

A 21st century digital solution would enable the real-time tracking of Australian firearms from importation through to end user:

  • removing duplication of effort and human error,
  • enforcing due process around licensing, registration and permits,
  • encoding harmonised firearms and categorisation descriptors,
  • delivering real time access to decision critical data to law enforcement, and
  • supporting accurate reporting and records management systems.

3. Firearms Industry Reference Group

A forum for Members and Senators to meet and interact with experts on Australian firearms mechanics and management systems. Our elected representatives must have access to the material content knowledge of trusted suppliers of equipment to Australian athletes, hunters, professional shooters, soldiers, sailors, aviators and police in order that they can craft trustworthy policy.


Further Information: James Walsh, Executive Officer 0419 933 066

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