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NSW firearms registry leading the way with digital transformation.


The NSW Police Firearms Registry have just announced the next phase of their online Gunsafe system.  

NSW shooters who have a NSW Police Gunsafe account, will now be able to submit and receive their permit to acquire (PTA) forms entirely online, removing the requirement for the applicant to wait for a physical PTA to be sent to them. 

As soon as the announcement was made, firearms dealers around New South Wales saw an improvement in the efficiency of issuing PTA’s, with the new digital PTA process delivering the approved permit to applicants, in some instances, within the same day.  

In announcing the digital PTA initiative, the NSW Police Firearms Registry advised “This significant milestone represents our ongoing commitment to providing efficient and reliable services to firearm licence holders and dealers in New South Wales (NSW) and is the first stage of a series of upcoming releases focused on enhancing the Firearms Registry’s online capabilities”. 

In another digital transformation initiative, the NSW Police Firearms Registry also announced that firearm registration certificates will now be able to be issued and managed digitally, allowing customers to conveniently access them through their Gun Safe Customer Portal login. Further, the registry noted that digital registration certificates offer users: 

  • The elimination of lengthy delays associated with printing and posting paper-based documents. 
  • Notifications and quicker turnaround times for issued Registration Certificates. 
  • Real-time engagement between NSW dealers and the NSW Firearm Registry. 

Both these digital initiatives are very welcomed by the New South Wales shooting industry and are well in advance of other Australian jurisdictions who continue to grapple with antiquated IT and paper-based registry systems.  

SIFA congratulates the team at the NSW Police Firearms Registry on these achievements, and notes that NSW Police have now signalled a new era for the Australian shooting industry by clearly demonstrating that Australia’s firearms regulators can service our industry effectively and efficiently, whilst also upholding public safety. 

SIFA CEO and NSW Police Firearms Registry Consultation Council member, James Walsh said “NSW Police have stepped up, listened to industry, and delivered a range of solutions that assist our industry to operate efficiently, whilst also upholding and increasing public safety. These digital initiatives demonstrate NSW Police’s commitment to working with the NSW shooting industry to develop better outcomes for all industry stakeholders”. 

SIFA hopes that other jurisdictions will take a keen interest in the NSW Gunsafe initiative and look at updating their systems and processes to ensure that the Australian shooting industry has the modern and effective capability that it requires.   

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