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SIFA calls on Australia’s 1,000,000 licenced shooters to boycott buy now, pay later providers


In another attack on the Australian shooting industry, buy now, pay later providers including AfterPay and Zip Pay have signed up to an industry code of practice that specifically discriminates against Australia’s legitimate, lawful, and highly regulated shooting industry.

In 2019, the Australian shooting industry was estimated to contribute $2.4 billion to Australia’s GDP and support 19,500 full time jobs. Despite this, the Australian shooting industry still battles daily for critical business services, as providers systematically refuse our industry on ‘social’ grounds.

SIFA Executive Officer James Walsh said “we’ve battled the banks, insurance companies and commercial freight providers who have cancelled our essential Australian industry, now it is the likes of AfterPay and Zip Pay.

Australia’s shooting industry and licensed shooters have had enough of ‘woke’ businesses forcing their unjustified moral and social judgements on us. Given that they think it is ok to boycott us, it is time that we turn the tables and boycott them”.

SIFA is calling on Australia’s 1,000,000 plus, licensed, and law-abiding shooters to cancel their accounts with these financial service providers and send them, and their shareholders, a message that it is NOT OK to discriminate against an entirely legal, highly regulated, and essential Australian industry.

The Australian shooting industry is still trying to recover from the last attack against it, where long-term industry freight provider Fedex / TNT cancelled all services to the industry, virtually bringing it to a standstill in the lead up to Christmas.

“What these businesses fail to understand or care about, is that every time they decide to apply their social engineering to our industry, the Australian economy takes a hit and it costs Australians their jobs! It’s time they end their discrimination of our industry” Walsh said.


For further information please contact:

James Walsh – Executive Officer
Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia
M: 0419 933 066

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