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SIFA to set Australian shooting industry agenda with new Australian government


The Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia extends our congratulations to the Hon. Anthony Albanese MP and the Australian Labor party on their victory in the recent Australian Federal Election.

A key commitment of SIFA’s strategic plan is to ensure proactive advocacy and representation of the Australian shooting industry to all governments, regulators and stakeholders across the Australian political divide.

SIFA is finalising a briefing paper for the new federal government; in it we will outline our agenda and issues of importance that we will be seeking active engagement with the government and various departments that regulate our industry.

Key to our agenda is as follows.

1. Open and transparent consultation 

As a member of previous federal government consultation groups, SIFA is calling for the Albanese government to re-establish former consultation initiatives like the firearms industry stakeholder committee, federal firearms industry reference group or the commonwealth firearms advisory council.

2. Data and research

In 2019, the Department of Health commissioned a report into the economic and social impacts of recreational hunting and shooting within Australia. The report highlighted the enormous contribution that the Australian shooting industry provides the Australian economy. Given the growth of our industry since 2019, SIFA will be calling on the incoming government to commission appropriate research to detail the current economic and social contribution of the Australian shooting industry.

3. Develop local industry / aid economic recovery 

The Australian shooting industry is looking to align with a government agenda that seeks to foster growth and development of Australian industry. Throughout the election, Labor campaigned on various pro industry policies including:

    • A Future Made in Australia
    • Secure Australian Jobs
    • Supporting Small Business
    • Trade Diversification Plan
    • Defence Industry Development Strategy

As a legitimate and highly regulated essential Australian industry, SIFA will be looking to examine opportunities for our industry in line with broader government policy.

4. Border modernisation

Previous governments have committed to several different border modernisation initiatives that have never come to fruition. As a highly regulated industry that relies on efficient regulation and effective border processes to trade, SIFA will be calling on the Albanese government to commit to a programme that achieves a streamlined border for our industry.

Over the coming months, SIFA will be engaging with the new government, relevant ministers and other federal stakeholders to continue our work promoting, developing and advocating for the entire Australian shooting industry.

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