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Freight now critical as second company restricts shooting industry


The denial of freight services to the Australian firearms industry is now at a crisis point as freight providers across Australia systematically refuse crucial freight services to our industry.

Following the decision by FedEx/TNT to cancel the Australian shooting industry, a letter sent to firearms businesses on the 5th August by Northline has stated that following “a review of the complex and diverse regulations and requirements to move firearms, explosives and/or ammunition across borders and intrastate” has led to “reviewing our processes and limiting our National Service Scope”.

Northline further advised that it would no longer service firearms retailers nor would they work with freight brokers or forwarders who consign firearms and ammunition, concerning SIFA that this further restriction to our industry will be felt hardest by the regional areas who rely most on freight services to deliver products essential to farms and agriculture.

James Walsh Executive Officer said “As a result of this decision, supply chain issues are now inevitable with rural and regional areas to be affected the most. This means that farmers and agricultural businesses will be unable to get the essential products needed to control feral pests and protect their livestock”.

The Australian shooting industry is a legitimate industry that provides an estimated $2.4 Billion to Australia’s GDP and supports over 19,000 local jobs. The denial of essential businesses services to our industry is unconscionable. There have been no recent regulation changes that have called for this reaction leading the industry to question the motives behind them.

The Federal Government needs to take a stand and work with the Australian firearms industry to develop a freight solution utilising our national carrier Australia Post and prevent our industry grinding to a halt. “SIFA calls on Communications Minister Paul Fletcher to work with firearms industry stakeholders to overcome these issues and develop a solution for the Australian firearms industry so all businesses can utilise our national carrier” Walsh said.

If a solution is not found soon, it will start impact the Australian economy and cost jobs at a time when they are needed the most.


For further information please contact:

James Walsh – Executive Officer
Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia
M: 0419 933 066

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