GCA Says What We Already Know


SIFA agrees that Australians deserve world class firearms laws, regulations and policies, and these rest on:

  • Quality Leadership
  • Consultation with industry experts
  • Calm analysis of evidence and facts
  • Refinements to meet community standards of safety and security
  • Ability to leverage digital technology to streamline process
  • Adequate resourcing of law enforcement
  • Appropriate focus of law enforcement on prevention and prosecution.

Gun Control Australia will tomorrow announce that Australian states have not complied in full with the 1996 National Firearms Agreement.

This is something Australian States and Territories already know.


Because the States and Territories are responsible for the regulation and enforcement of firearms ownership, use and storage and the National Firearms Agreement is not and has never been binding.

Some elements of the 1996 Agreement have been implemented:

  • Licencing
  • Fit and proper person check
  • Firearms registration
  • Genuine Reason for purchase
  • Safety Training
  • Safe Storage and Use
  • Firearms Categorisation

Some elements of the 1996 Agreement have not been implemented:

  • Modern processes for managing licensing and registration
  • Digital solutions for real time monitoring of firearms movements between states
  • Effective use of law enforcement resources

Quotes attributable to Shooting Industry Foundation Australia Executive Officer Rod Drew:

“Australia’s National Firearms Agreement is not binding on the sates. Each Australian state and territory has its own firearms legislation, regulation and policy.”

“SIFA calls for the development of digital IT solutions to enable state enforcement bodies to communicate in real time about interstate firearms movements.”

“84% want law enforcement time and money spent on illegal and criminal firearms activity not on tighter laws for licensed firearms owners.”

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