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SIFA calls on Australian governments to develop outdoor industries to aid COVID economic recovery.


The Australian shooting and hunting industry was estimated in 2018 to add $2.4 Billion and almost 20,000 jobs to the local economy.

Despite this, governments of all persuasions act with indifference towards the shooting and hunting industry and often stifle our industry’s growth and prosperity rather than develop it.

Australia is the perfect place to pursue outdoor lifestyles and pastimes, yet governments continually fail to embrace an industry with the potential to add $Billions to the nation’s coffers.

Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia Executive Officer James Walsh said, “Given the economic boost that well-regulated hunting and shooting activities provides, it is time that all Australian governments became more welcoming of the shooting and hunting industry”.

Countries that embrace outdoor activities like hunting and fishing, enjoy long lasting conservation, social and economic benefits. In the USA, 50 million Americans take part in hunting and fishing activities every year creating over $200 billion in economic activity and supporting over 1.5 million jobs.

The US Government value the economic contribution of their hunting and fishing industry so much, that President Joe Biden issued a proclamation that September 25, 2021, was National Hunting and Fishing Day, calling upon all Americans to observe this day with appropriate programs and activities.

The opportunities for governments around Australia in this space are endless, especially as Australians are currently flooding the hunting and shooting sports and incorporating these activities into their daily lifestyles. Sporting Shooters Association of Australia National President Lance Miller has reported membership increases of 5.5% over the last year despite COVID closures and lockdowns.

“It begs the question – why is Australia not developing and capitalising on our own primary industries, especially at a time when these activities are more popular than ever? In looking at post COVID economic recovery, Australian governments have the opportunity to get behind Australia’s shooting and hunting industries to develop and grow a sovereign primary industry in Australia and experience the same economic benefits that many other countries enjoy”. Walsh stated

The Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia calls on Australian governments and bureaucrats overlook their preconceived prejudices so that Australia can join the growing list of countries developing and capitalising on the growing interest in outdoor primary industries.


For further information please contact:

James Walsh – Executive Officer
Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia
M: 0419 933 066

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