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SIFA successful on NSW ammunition freight regulatory exemption and ongoing reforms.


In September 2021 whilst negotiating industrywide freight solutions, SIFA was made aware of several onerous restrictions within the NSW Explosives Regulations that severely limited the number of freight providers who were able to transport ammunition across NSW.

In most Australian jurisdictions, 1.4s explosives of the type UN0012 Small Arms Ammunition, UN0014 Blank Cartridges and UN0044 Primers, are deemed to be low grade, non-security sensitive explosives and are exempt from certain licensing and security clearance requirements. This means that generally, freight providers only require a corporate license to facilitate freight operations with these products.

Yet in NSW, no such exemption or concession exists. In fact, NSW regulations require that all freight companies who wanted to freight these items were required to set aside their own security protocols and adopt costly, onerous and superfluous licensing and security clearance requirements for all staff within their organisations.

This meant that large, established freight providers simply couldn’t comply.

In September 2021, SIFA approached Safe Work NSW and then Minister the Hon. Kevin Anderson MP, lobbying for a change to the Regulations. After examining all the issues, it was suggested that a faster fix to this issue would be to pursue an exemption from the requirements of the Explosives Regulations.

Following a drafting period, SIFA then managed a period of consultation with industry stakeholders seeking feedback on the proposed exemption and requested minor amendments which were agreed.

We are now pleased to announce that after a close to 9-month campaign, the first regulatory exemption has now been signed with several more on the way!

This exemption gives the providers of freight services the ability to transport 1.4s within NSW and into all adjoining States and Territories. Effectively, up and down the entire eastern seaboard!

SIFA has also been given a commitment by the Department that it will fix this issue for good, by pursuing a regulatory change in NSW. SIFA will be part of this process and work with the Department to ensure that any proposed change meets the requirements of industry.

This is an enormous win for the Australian shooting industry, who over the last 12 months, has suffered major supply chain problems due to the lack of freight providers able to move these items.

SIFA stands ready and can assist any freight provider wishing to service our industry apply for the NSW exemption and get our freight moving again!

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